Natural Beauty

Claudia displayed two paintings "Big Bird" and "Ancestral Spirits" at the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery in August.

Claudia is Featured in Blog by Nelly Suleimenova

See the Original Blog here: The original blog is written in Russian, see the google translation below: Lohman Claudia (Claudia Lohmann) is incredibly charming woman, it attracts energy. From the first steps in its gallery it is clear that here lives the soul of a free artist. We found ourselves as if in her abstract paintings, where a lot of bright colors, fine lines and clear law forms of subjugation. Her paintings are full of light and saturated color. They are colorful, like glass in the children's kaleidoscope. The window in the gallery on the roof gives you more space and imagination. It seems that if the stars and the moon to

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