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Artists, like their art, run the entire spectrum of human emotion and experience. My work is but a small slice of what is possible. Unlike art that imitates the world accurately, my personality demands to express its imagination in a non-realistic way. I often favor bright colours and I use geometric techniques because they are effective for my purposes.

I want to be able to look at a painting that has been on my wall for years, and every once in a while, find something new and surprising about it. The themes and subject-matter of my work is not overt. Often, I plan to embed some specific meaning into my work, but occasionally I let my moods guide me, intending to merely please aesthetically.
In the end, the theme of my paintings must ultimately play a subordinate role to the meaning that the onlooker discovers, as he or she gazes onto the work. My job is merely to facilitate a kind of self-reflection by stimulating the mind with beauty and strangeness.

Painting by Claudia Lohmann
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