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Born in Germany in April of 1957, Claudia Lohmann

has been exposed to art her entire life. Her father was

an artist accomplished in landscapes, architecture, and

still life. Her brother and sister in Germany are also artists,

Gabi being a well accompished potter and Jochen a


Along with her husband and three children, she

immigrated to Canada and came to British Columbia in

the summer of 1995. She had always felt a need to express

herself visually. In 2004 while managing a modest gallery

on Saltspring Island, featuring the art of Richard Jacksties,

her own creativity and desire to paint was catalyzed.

With her family’s support and encouragement she began

to experiment with various styles and mediums and has

since come to favor acrylic paint on solid wooden surfaces.

Her paintings began with rudimentary geometric shapes

in intricate patterns and bold colours in daring combinations. Although still rooted in her beginnings, her style since progressed into an ever more deliberate method featuring bold lineation and tincture with subtle shapes and symbolism. She calls it :“Imaginative Geometric Abstract.”


​Claudia is painting with acrylic colours and pencil on plywood and wood and in 2011 she began displaying her work to the general public in her own gallery and juried art shows. Claudia’s style continues to evolve and change as she experiments with new techniques, ranging from clear shapes and lines to more abstract visual images. In 2015 Claudia became an Associate Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Claudia has also written her own baking book called "A Piece of Cake". She has always enjoyed baking and decided to make some of the recipes most popular with her family, friends, and guests, available to a wider public. Part of this endeavor involved converting the metric measurements she was accustomed to into the cup measurements utilized in North America.


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