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Claudia is Featured in Blog by Nelly Suleimenova

See the Original Blog here:

The original blog is written in Russian, see the google translation below:

Lohman Claudia (Claudia Lohmann) is incredibly charming woman, it attracts energy. From the first steps in its gallery it is clear that here lives the soul of a free artist. We found ourselves as if in her abstract paintings, where a lot of bright colors, fine lines and clear law forms of subjugation. Her paintings are full of light and saturated color. They are colorful, like glass in the children's kaleidoscope. The window in the gallery on the roof gives you more space and imagination. It seems that if the stars and the moon to look into the gallery, works by Claudia even more soaked with magic and mysticism. They seemed to come alive. Each of her paintings - a time-consuming process of creating an image before its implementation. Claudia does not use the traditional canvas she paints on plywood and wood, which at times increases the complexity of the work. Paints fall unevenly, pencil tries to fly off the track straight. The artist, a perfectionist likes to clear and strict line with the perfect embodiment of the colors inside the picture. For the first time, we are faced with her work in early summer on vystavke- sale of paintings in a conference center. And after that, I really wanted to get to know this amazing woman. Her gallery is located on the outskirts of Nanaimo in the village Yellow Point (Yellow Point). House with a beautiful shady garden is located next to the gallery. In the courtyard there were tables and chairs with a beautiful ceremonial arch. It turned out that the daughter of Claudia recently married and the wedding festivities were held here. Claudia was born in Germany in April 1957, together with her husband and three children emigrated to Canada in 1995. Claudia has always felt the need to express themselves visually. Claudia's father was a professional artist realist in Germany. His paintings are in private collections in the world. He painted in the classic manner of landscapes, architecture. However, one of the techniques have been drawing pen and ink. She kindly showed us his work, lovingly collected art magazine. Her brother and sister also work in the arts, photographer and potter, respectively. However, Claudia does not always draw. Once, as a child she read the book and was inspired by the blue painted horse that shimmered in the sunlight. But the teacher criticized her unnatural color choices for the animal since she hated painting. Only twelve years ago, it began its work. In addition to writing, paintings, Claudia is engaged in restoration of furniture and metal products. In 2015, Claudia became a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Claudia has its own website. It is very convenient for buyers and connoisseurs of its creativity We were incredibly impressed with the art of talented artist, as well as familiarity with it. For a long time discussing her art and charm. I'm inspired by her imaginative geometric abstraction wrote the following lines: Thick paint lie on the canvas, The palette is full of shades of roses. The accuracy of lines, geometry shapes, A set of abstract metamorphosis. Here and there the magic of ideas, Incarnate by artist. Twisting thoughts and incentives, Hidden meaning and symbols. The paintings come to life images, All winged and good. I would like to see them slowly, Because they live in her soul.

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