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Dear cake-fans!

Welcome to "A Piece of Cake".  It started with my own love for baking and my wish to make these recipes available to my children. They are especially treasured by my family and they show the German way of baking on Vancouver Island.

The recipes are not particularly difficult, but a little baking know-how goes a long way. If baking has never been your thing and you are trying something new, do not be discouraged if your results do not resemble those depicted in the photos. I am sure they will still taste great. Be creative and feel free to vary the fruits and cake forms. Also stay tuned for my up-coming cookie baking book.

Claudia Lohmann


Recipe book

Contact us by going to our contact form.

Price for a hard copy is $20 plus shipping. Please email us if you are interested in purchasing a copy and having it shipped to you.

A Piece of Cake is also available at the Lohmann Gallery location in Cedar, just south of Nanaimo.


Or you can buy the e-book for $10 on Google Play. Click the button to link to Google Play.

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