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Visions at McMillan Arts Centre

VISIONS MAJIE LAVERGNE and CLAUDIA LOHMANN October 25 – November 20, 2022 Opening Reception Saturday, October 29, 2022

MAJIE LAVERGNE: This Series titled “Love Always Falls Back On Its Feet”, is a positive and hopeful response to the helplessness I sometimes feel when I fully open to the difficult times we are traversing. This Series is all about love. In each painting I deconstruct the word L-O-V-E into lines and circles in various configurations. Yet, as the “E” of LOVE lands at the bottom right of each painting, with constancy and stability, it reminds us that just like the sun, sometimes hiding behind the clouds, love too, is always present, making this series a positive response to our challenging times. Stylistically, I look for the play between geometrical and organic shapes and how this rich interface creates a dynamic visual dance. Finally, I am in love with the new art medium; “alcohol ink”. The amazing and magical colours and unpredictable unfolding of this medium fills me up with joy. CLAUDIA LOHMANN: Artists, like their art, run the entire spectrum of human emotion and experience. My work is but a small slice of what is possible. Unlike art that imitates the world accurately, my personality demands to express its imagination in a non-realistic way. I often favour bright colours and I use geometric techniques because they are effective for my purposes. I want to be able to look at a painting that has been on my wall for years, and every once in a while, find something new and surpising about it. The themes and subject-matter of my work is not overt. Often, I plan to embed some specific meaning into my work, but occasionally I let my moods guide me, intending to merely please esthetically. In the end, the theme of my paintings must ultimately play a subordinate role to the meaning that the onlooker discovers as he or she gazes onto my work. My job is merely to facilitate a kind of self-reflection by stimulating the mind with beauty and strangeness.


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